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sobstel - Przemek Sobstel


I speak programming and I build software.


Currently working at Baytekin where we use Symfony, Rails, Vue.js and React Native to build engaging products like AppJobs and Protipster.

Previously worked at PERFORM and GSM/Opta where I contributed to Soccerway, Opta Core API and a sports data hosted platform. More at linkedin.


Trending: React Native, ES6, Ruby, Rails, REST APIs.

Other: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3, Sass, Docker, JWT, Redux, Hyperapp, Memcached, git, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Heroku, Laravel.

Once upon a time: Ionic2, Angular2, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, ElasticSearch, Symfony, Doctrine, Zend Framework.


Hydropuzzle web, app store
Surreal tech adventure game for iOS. Built with React Native. Over 12k downloads. Rated 4.5 by over 100 gamers.

Voltpuzzle web Sequel to Hydropuzzle.

Golazon www.golazon.com, github
Football data mnmlist way. Built with Hyperapp and Ruby.


Sequent github
Short-term memory training game (mobile). Built with React Native and Redux.

Metaphore github
Cache slam defense using a semaphore to prevent dogpile effect.

Sesshin github
PHP secure advanced session manager.

jsonp.js github
Lightweight JSONP library for cross-domain ajax calls.

scru.js github
Lazy loading with dependencies.

SyncedSideBar github
Sublime Text plugin to sync project sidebar (folder view) with currently active file. I've had created it, later taken over by TheSpyder.




github, gists, blog, twitter, instagram, stackoverflow, linkedin

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